Pair of Small Bologna Barrettes made of Rhodoïd

Pair of Small Bologna Barrettes made of Rhodoïd Cellulose Acetate


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Elegant, filigree and versatile – beautify your hair with this pair of small Bologna barrettes. Like all products from the online store, these hair accessories are characterised by high quality as well as sustainable and high-quality workmanship. Made of organic Rhodoïd – a material made of cotton – they are extremely robust and comfortable to wear at the same time. Because this pair of small barrettes, like all our products, is handmade, each piece of hair jewellery is unique.

We are in the habit of naming our hair ornaments in the names of cities which, with their very special charm, correspond to the character of our products. Italy's northern metropolis Bologna, not far from the Alps, comes very close to the appearance of our collection of the same name. The city, which was already founded in Roman times and among other things produced the world's first university, shines today in a unique mix of classical and modern, of art and pragmatism. The pair of small barrettes depict this controversial mixture in an interwoven poem of light and dark nuances of colour that merge seamlessly into one another and do not allow any conclusion to be drawn on a fixed style. Combine the pair of small barrettes with your wardrobe and carry a little Bolognese versatility out into the world.

Length: 5.0 cm
Width: 0.9 cm
Clasp opening: 2.5 cm

Rhodoïd is a sheet material made of cotton in Italy. The cotton is dyed and pressed into a variety of colour pattern blocks. Discs are cut from the blocks, which are then processed into enchanting hair decoration products and hair accessories in France in more than 10 work steps. The elaborately and partly hand-made produced Rhodoïd hair accessory thus has the following advantages over the machine-made plastic injection-moulded product:

  • No sharp edges that could damage or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that protects hair and scalp.
  • Biological raw material (cotton).
  • High elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer durability.
  • European Quality.
  • Made in France.

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