Narrow Lausanne Alice Band made of Rhodoïd Cellulose Acetate
Lausanne narrow hairband, cellulose acetate

Lausanne narrow hairband, cellulose acetate


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Both understated and stylish, the Lausanne narrow hairband, like the city on Lake Geneva itself, charms with a unique appearance. On a milky, white background, deep, black shades are distributed in irregular patterns, giving the Lausanne narrow headband an impressive colour effect. This makes this hair accessory versatile to combine with your wardrobe. We recommend wearing the Lausanne narrow headband especially with autumnal or winter outfits with cold but glamorous colours. Of course, a perfect headband should not only be stylish, but also practical and comfortable. For this reason, our Lausanne slim hairband has been made from high-quality Rhodoïd, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Width: 1.2 cm.
Diameter: The diameter of hairbands made of Rhodoïd can be adjusted. To do this, place the headband in hot water for a short time and bend it to the desired size.

Rhodoïd hair bands are made of Rhodoïd.

Rhodoïd is a sheet material made in Italy from cotton. The cotton is dyed and pressed into varied colour pattern blocks. Slices are cut from the blocks, which are then processed in France in more than 10 steps to create enchanting hair accessories. The Rhodoïd hair accessory, which is produced elaborately and partly by hand, thus has the following advantages over the machine-produced plastic injection-moulded article:

  • No sharp edges that injure or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that is gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Biological base material (cotton).
  • Higher elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer life.
  • European quality.
  • Made in France.

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