Large Oval Massage Hairbrush made of waxed Beech, perfect for medium length to long, straight or wavy Hair, for an intense Massage, 21.5 cm long

Massage hairbrush made of beech wood for medium to long, straight or wavy hair, with intensive massage effect, 21.5 cm length


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Length: 21.5 cm
Brush pins: straight wooden nubs, 9-row, black natural rubber.
Suitability: Medium-length to long, straight or wavy hair; intensive massage effect.

Our beechwood massage hair brushes are made of high-quality beechwood in Germany. Highest quality and sustainable forestry are fundamental features in the choice of our raw materials and the production of our hairbrushes. An elaborate manufacturing process guarantees even surfaces, soft edges and rounded brush pins that ensure gentle hair care.

The smooth wooden pins are firmly fixed in a high-quality brush bed made of 100% organic natural rubber. The hole in the brush bed regulates a small air exchange, which gives the massage hairbrush the necessary elasticity to ensure a comfortable brushing of your hair. Our massage hairbrushes are naturally very sturdy and anti-static.

When choosing a hairbrush, pay attention to the right pin configuration to achieve the ideal hair and scalp care for you:
Straight wooden pins give an intensive head massage and are ideal for gently detangling large volumes of hair. The extra-long pins are optimal for voluminous or curly hair, while the tapered rounded brush pins are especially gentle on a sensitive scalp.

As the wood grain of the hairbrushes always varies, each of these utensils is a charming little one-of-a-kind. The extremely pleasant feel of the wood of our hairbrushes makes it possible to care for your hair comfortably, even with daily use.
The numerous advantages of our real wood hairbrushes at a glance:

  • Very natural, pleasant feel.
  • No sharp edges that injure or even cut the hair.
  • Comfortable hair care due to the matching wooden pin trim and the elastic rubber bed.
  • Natural, high-quality wooden pins promote a healthy scalp and hair structure.
  • Naturally anti-static.
  • Made from purely organic raw materials (CO2-binding wood and high-quality natural rubber).
  • The wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry.
  • Our real wood hairbrushes have a long service life.
  • Easy cleaning to maintain the quality of the hairbrushes.
  • Made in Germany.

Care instructions:
Remove hair and lint residues using a redwood brush cleaner after each brushing. Wash the hairbrush regularly with warm water and a mild, silicone-free shampoo or soap and rinse under clean water. Rub the wooden body dry and leave to dry on the bristles. Regular oiling with a natural oil such as olive oil or linseed oil maintains the wood and provides additional protection against moisture.

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