Antistatic Hairdressing-Comb made of Wood, perfect for medium length to long, straight or wavy Hair, 19 cm long

Antistatic Hairdressing-Comb made of Wood, perfect for medium length to long, straight or wavy Hair, 19 cm long


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Length:19 cm

Tine width:
1.6 mm for strong, short or fine, medium-length hair.
3.2 mm for strong, medium-length to long or wavy hair.

Our hairdressing combs are made from finely structured fruit and hardwoods from sustainable, regional forestry in Germany. Experience gained over generations enables the highest quality in the processing of the wood and the production of our combs. This is based on an elaborate manufacturing process consisting of 20 individual work steps, in which the grinding and rounding of the zinc tips takes on a very special significance.

The softly rounded edges of the comb gently arrange and structure your hair and have a soothing effect on your scalp. Our styling comb is naturally elastic, stable and anti-static. Damp hair can be combed through particularly pleasantly, from bottom to top.

When choosing a comb, pay attention to the spacing of the teeth. Small spacing is suitable for fine, short hair. The curlier and longer your hair is, the greater the spacing of the tines should be.

As the wood grain of our hairdressing combs always varies, each of these charming utensils is a little unique.
The advantages of our real wood hairdressing combs are obvious:

  • Very natural, pleasant feel.
  • Softly rounded edges that gently detangle and tidy the hair.
  • Naturally anti-static.
  • Made from organic, CO2-binding wood.
  • The wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable, regional forestry.
  • Our hairdressing combs have a long service life.
  • Easy cleaning to preserve the quality of the combs.
  • Made in Germany.

Care instructions:
Avoid prolonged contact with water. Wash the comb at regular intervals with a mild, silicone-free shampoo or soap, rinse under clear water and then rub dry immediately. Oiling with a natural oil such as olive oil or beeswax balm optimises care and makes the surface of the hairdressing comb shine.

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