Types of Clasps

Hair accessories have very different fasteners to attach the respective accessory in the hair. In the following we will show you how the closures differ and how they work.

Alice Bands

Hairbands always fall out in minimally different shape. This is primarily due to the production of the Rhodoïd cotton material. If a headband does not sit well then do not despair! You can easily adjust your hair to your size and needs. For this purpose, briefly put the hairband made of Rhodoïd in hot water and then bend it to the desired width and shape. You can always repeat this process and you will enjoy your hair accessories for a long time.

Alice Band

Hair Clips

The metal eyelet encloses a metal groove. The advantage of this is hair clip is that the metal groove can always be bent and thus promises a long service life.


Hair Claws

The strong metal spring at the end of the clamp presses both halves of the clamp together and ensures a durable, secure hold. This makes it sot that this hair clip is not only the most frequently used hair accessory, but also particularly user-friendly and easy to use.

Hair Claw


One has two metal arms grabbing a metal eyelet. The closure can thus be opened and closed quickly and easily by simply pressing the metal arms together. Many of our hair accessories use this mechanism – because it has simply proven itself.


Banana Clasps

With the banana clasp, the closure mechanisms of the hair claw and barrette are combined. This gives a particularly firm hold for hair that cannot be tamed. But the basic rule is: if you use each closure correctly, your hairstyle will hold reliably.