Massage Hairbrushes

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Massage brushes are suitable for gently detangling and tidying your hair. At the same time, the scalp is massaged which stimulates the blood circulation, the hair roots and increases healthy hair growth. Our massage brushes are made of high-quality walnut, beech wood or olive wood from sustainable, regional forestry and are fitted with antistatic, smoothly ground wooden pins. This is based on a complex manufacturing process that guarantees smooth surfaces and avoids sharp edges that could injure your hair or scalp.
The wooden pins of our massage brushes are divided into straight and conical wooden pins. Straight wooden pins have an intensive massaging effect and are ideal for detangling long hair. We recommend the extra long, straight wooden pins for curly and voluminous hair. Conical, rounded wooden pins are suitable for sensitive scalps with their gentle massage effect. All wooden pins are embedded in natural rubber. A small opening in the black rubber bed ensures air exchange.