Cleaner for Brushes made of Beech with Wire to Remove Hairs from the Brush

Comb and brush cleaner made of beech wood for dry cleaning of wooden and bristle brushes


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Bristles: wire bristles.
Suitability: dry-cleaning-wood-and-bristle-brushes.

Length: 7.5 cm

Our comb and brush cleaners are made in Germany in an elaborate manufacturing process and using high-quality beech wood from sustainable, regional forestry and are fitted with a wire fan.
The wires of the fan are both sturdy and elastic and effortlessly remove lint, dust and caught hairs from the comb and hairbrush without damaging the structure of the bristles and prongs.

Apply the comb and brush cleaner for dry cleaning, as damp lint sticks and is difficult to remove from the spaces between brushes. Clean your comb or hairbrush after each brushing to maintain their quality and optimal hair care.

As the wood grain of our comb and brush cleaners always varies, each of these utensils is a little unique.
The benefits of our comb and brush cleaners are obvious:

  • Natural, pleasant feel.
  • The sturdy, elastic wire fan cleans the spaces in between without damaging the tines and bristles.
  • The wood comes exclusively from sustainable, regional forestry.
  • High-quality, exquisite wires are used for the bristles.
  • Our comb and brush cleaners have a long service life.
  • Made in Germany.

Care instructions:
To support the life of their comb and brush cleaners, prolonged contact with water should be avoided. Remove the fuzz and hair residues that have been brushed out immediately after cleaning. The wooden body and wire brushes should be rubbed dry immediately after contact with water while the natural bristles are left to dry.
Regularly oiling the wooden handles with a natural oil such as olive oil or beeswax balsam optimises care and gives the wood a shine and protection.

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