Hair Claws / Hair Grips

Hair claws, often called hair grips because of their shape, are the most popular hair accessories next to barrettes. What distinguishes hair claws from their counterparts is their special closing mechanism. While hair clips and barrettes arrange individual strands of hair on a long, narrow surface, hair claws can also grip large volumes of hair with their teeth. This makes it possible to give even elaborate updos a secure hold. Available in different sizes - our assortment ranges from small hair claws with six teeth to large hair claws with 16 and more teeth and can be wonderfully combined and complemented with each other. While small hair claws arrange individual strands and create only a discreet visual effect, large hair claws can securely fix large amounts of hair, for example a chignon. These large hair claws can also be used to set specific fashion accents to match evening wear.
Hair claws from Redwood Fashion are made of robust and sustainably produced material. The majority of our hair accessories are made from Rhodoïd. This resin of natural origin is extracted from Italian cotton, is extremely easy to care for and also offers a long shelf life. In addition, Rhodoïd can be designed in many different ways. In our assortment you will find hair clips from different collections. These include, for example, the Alicante collection with its impressive black and white pattern and the ivory-coloured Recife collection. Complete your styling with timeless hair claws from Redwood Fashion!